• As with all STEINWAYS, every SPIRIO is subject to STEINWAY’s unyielding standards to be an exemplary instrument; each one built to perfection for perfectionists, and by artisans for artists. To this, STEINWAY has added a new layer of technological artistry resulting in the most innovative and dynamic instrument we’ve ever offered.

    Craft & Science

  • SPIRIO is controlled by an iPad mobile digital device — preloaded with a carefully conceived app designed to be intuitive, providing effortless access to the finest works of artists from Bach to Beethoven to Irving Berlin to Billy Joel. All available from the complimentary music library with just a swipe and a tap.

    Intuitive Touch

  • For over 160 years, STEINWAY has been making instruments so meticulously crafted, it can take dozens of artisans up to twelve months to create each one. The goal of every STEINWAY is to enhance the artist’s expression, and the listener’s joy. The STEINWAY SPIRIO is the most modern expression of that philosophy.

    Relentless Innovation

  • Music for the STEINWAY SPIRIO is recorded by measuring not only hammer strikes, but hammer velocity; not just pedaling but proportional pedaling. The result? Delicate arpeggios, soft trills and thundering fortissimos. Every nuance of a live performance, reproduced with unparalleled precision.

    Inspired Technology

  • Every musical work in the SPIRIO library has been performed by one of the world’s finest artists, and captured with SPIRIO’s proprietary technology. Making musical experiences that once required a ticket possible in the comfort of your home.

    The world's finest performers On Your Piano



  • Steinway & Sons Spirio Model M & Model B

    Steinway & Sons SPIRIO Models

Intimate Expression


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